Data Transfer Between Windows and Apple computers

I need to move a large amount of files from a Windows computer to an Apple computer. There is too much information to fit on a USB memory stick, CD, or DVD.

One possibility would be to copy the data to an external hard drive via USB or Firewire and then copy it from the hard drive to the Apple computer.

Another option would be to transfer the data directly from the Apple computer to the Windows computer using an Ethernet cable. This may take less time since the data is copied directly.

On the Apple computer, under System Preferences, go to Sharing and turn on Windows Sharing. You will be asked to enable one user account for sharing. Then you will be given a Server IP address to use. You will need to use the Apple user account name and password along with the Server IP address to access the Apple computer from the Windows computer.

On the Windows computer, right click on the My Computer icon and choose to Map a network drive. Select a drive letter. For the server name use the address provided by the Apple computer such as \\\guest. Also, click on the "Connect using a different user name" option and provide the username and password for the Apple user account you will be logging in as. Remove the check next to "Reconnect at logon" so the Windows computer doesn't try to map the drive the next time it is restarted. Then click finish.

The Apple computer will now be available as a drive letter from the Windows computer. You will find yourself in the user account showing folders for desktop, documents, library, etc.

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