Microsoft Word – Using Forms

I want to use Microsoft word to create forms that people can fill out.


1) Start with an existing document or a new blank document
2) From the View Menu, choose Toolbars and then Forms to see the forms toolbar.
3) The Forms toolbar allows for text entry fields, check boxes, and drop down menus to be created in the form. Double click on a form item once it is created to view the item properties.
4) Once the form is created, lock the form with the small padlock button found in the Form toolbar. This will lock the entire form and make it ready for people to use.
5) Send the form by e-mail or post it to the web for people to use.
6) Once people download or receive the form, they can fill it out, and then send it to the designated recipient as an e-mail attachment.


Apple - Recording System Audio

How can I record audio that I'm listening to on my Apple computer?

The following instructions will help users record streaming audio from the Internet on an Apple computer:

1) Download and then install the LAME application for saving to MP3 audio files found here:

2) Download and then install the latest version of the Audacity audio recording program found here:

3) Download and then install the SoundFlower application for recording system audio found here:

4) Run the Audacity program. From the Audacity menu choose Preferences and then under the Audio I/O tab, select the Recording Device to be Sunflower (2ch) and the Channels to be 2 (Stereo). Click OK.

Now, while playing online audio from the Internet or any other source it is possible to use the Audacity program to record the audio.


iTunes Music Store Multi-Pass Purchase of TV Shows Not Working

I signed up for a multi-pass subscription to a TV show through the iTunes music store. The current episode of the show downloaded just fine. However, the next day, the subsequent show didn't download automatically. My online user account information stated that I had received two shows. I received an e-mail from the iTunes Music Store stating that the show would download automatically upon opening iTunes, but it never downloaded. I couldn't figure out how to get it.

Under the Advanced menu in iTunes, choose the "Check for Purchases..." option. This should force the show to download.

There is probably a high demand for the show and therefor, not everyone who starts iTunes will automatically get the show immediately. There is probably a queue of people waiting for the download (without knowing it) and when your turn comes up, the server will start downloading it eventually.

Standby Suspend Sleep and Hibernate

What is the difference between sleep, standby, suspend, and hibernate?

Computers typically offer various power saving modes. The names for these modes will be something like standby, suspend, sleep, and hibernate. Typically the standby, suspend and sleep modes require that the computer be left on to some degree, and that it stay connected to power (battery or AC). While in these modes, the hard drive usually stops running, the display turns off, and the fans might even turn off. However, the computer is still keeping in active memory everything that was running and open just prior to being put in a low power mode. The hibernate mode allows you to turn off the computer completely and even unplug it from power. When it turns back on, the screen should show you exactly what you were were working on just prior to putting it in hibernate mode.

Because standby, suspend and sleep modes keep all the information in memory, it is typically quicker to start working again after being in these modes. Resuming work from the hibernate mode typically takes more time because it requires starting up the computer and loading everything into memory from the hard drive again (although you don't need to manually start the programs and load the files because the computer will restore everything to the state it was in previously).

Depending on the computer and configuration, some cleanup tasks may be performed at system startup and shut down. So, some people prefer to simply shut down a computer when the are done using it.

Some people suggest that it is best to leave computers on. However, if we consider the computer to be like any other appliance, then it makes sense to simply turn it off when it is not in use just as we would with a television set, dish washer, microwave, coffee pot, or any other appliance.

Computer Fan Making Noise

My computer fan is making a lot of noise.

The fan speed in a computer is typically activated by a thermostat that determines how fast the fan needs to be running in order to keep the heat down. You might hear more noise from your computer fans if one fan is not working properly because it would cause the other fans to over compensate. Another reason for fans to run faster is if the thermostat were to become defective. If the processor fan isn't working, this might also cause the computer to heat up resulting in other fans running faster. These characteristics are actually quite similar for desktop computers and notebook computers.

If your fan is making a rattling noise it may be an indication that the bearings or mechanism are failing or worn out.

With most of the above circumstances it would be good to have the computer serviced.


Data Transfer Between Windows and Apple computers

I need to move a large amount of files from a Windows computer to an Apple computer. There is too much information to fit on a USB memory stick, CD, or DVD.

One possibility would be to copy the data to an external hard drive via USB or Firewire and then copy it from the hard drive to the Apple computer.

Another option would be to transfer the data directly from the Apple computer to the Windows computer using an Ethernet cable. This may take less time since the data is copied directly.

On the Apple computer, under System Preferences, go to Sharing and turn on Windows Sharing. You will be asked to enable one user account for sharing. Then you will be given a Server IP address to use. You will need to use the Apple user account name and password along with the Server IP address to access the Apple computer from the Windows computer.

On the Windows computer, right click on the My Computer icon and choose to Map a network drive. Select a drive letter. For the server name use the address provided by the Apple computer such as \\\guest. Also, click on the "Connect using a different user name" option and provide the username and password for the Apple user account you will be logging in as. Remove the check next to "Reconnect at logon" so the Windows computer doesn't try to map the drive the next time it is restarted. Then click finish.

The Apple computer will now be available as a drive letter from the Windows computer. You will find yourself in the user account showing folders for desktop, documents, library, etc.