Notebook Battery Not Working

I purchased a new notebook (laptop) computer a few months ago, and now the battery won't hold a charge.

Some notebook (laptop) computers, such as the Dell Latitude D610, drain the battery even when not in use. This causes the battery to become fully depleted which results in poor battery performance. If the battery has remained in the notebook for an extended period of time when the notebook was not in use, it probably won't charge up in the normal 2 to 4 hours. It may take 18 to 24 hours to fully charge the battery again. Be sure to remove the battery from the notebook whenever it is not in use. This is a good practice with any notebook brand or model. It is also a good idea to refresh (or condition) rechargeable batteries once a month or so. This involves allowing them to be fully charged and then discharged to about 5% of capacity and then charged up again. Some notebook computers may have a built-in schedule to remind you to initiate an automatic reconditioning cycle.

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