Modem Connection Results in No Dial Tone

When I connect the telephone cord from the wall to the computer modem, there is suddenly no dial tone. It's a brand new HP desktop computer.

Are you sure you plugged the phone cord into the proper jack on the computer? If it was plugged by accident into the Ethernet jack (which looks like a phone jack) that might cause the dial tone to go out. Also, some computer modems require a special "dongle" device that looks like a splitter. It must be plugged into the modem and then on that device you will see two jacks, one marked line and the other marked phone. Without this dongle, the modem might not work and may cause there to be no dial tone. Another possibility is that the modem is simply defective as a result of a lightning storm or some other cause. You might try another modem, such as a USB modem for about $50. The USB modem would be easier to install than an internal modem. Creative Labs or Zoom are good choices.

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