Overhead Projector - Lamp/Light Bulb Failure

Note: The following refers to overhead projectors that use transparencies. It does not apply for digital computer/video image projectors.

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If you are in a meeting using an overhead projector and the light bulb goes out or doesn't work, the projector may have a backup light bulb inside the case. Look around the top edge or sides for a lever or button that will allow the top to easily be lifted up.

Once the projector is open, you should be able to see if it has a backup bulb inside.

Some projectors have a lever that switches between bulbs. Other projectors may have a knob that selects between bulb 1 and bulb 2.

Select the other bulb and the projector should now work.

Be sure to contact the person responsible for bulb replacement so that a working spare bulb can always be available in the future.

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