Digital Video to Analog Video Converter Box

If you are needing a Digital to Analog Video converter you may want to consider purchasing the ADVC-110 model from Canopus. The unit can be purchased for about $270 from the Apple online store (click here).


There are many reasons one might want a converter box to convert video from digital format to analog format:

* To transfer a VHS video tape (this is analog video) into your computer for editing (the computer works with digital video)

* To transfer video from a camcorder into a computer (assuming the camcorder doesn't have Firewire)

* To transfer from your computer to a VHS tape

Some video cameras have a "DV->AV Out" feature, meaning that it can serve as a digital video to analog video converter. These cameras can typically go both directions, being able to convert from analog to digital as well.

Because a digital converter box may cost $200 to $300 and a camera can be $600 to $800, some people simply purchase a camera that can serve both functions.

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tsemmes said...

You can get your converter box on the web at www.CompuPartsAndMore.com for $21.99 + the govt coupon, with free shipping. They sell the Tivax STB-T9 Covnerter.